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Moki Formally "Diesel"

The Baker Family

"Here's our new little guy! His name is Moki!"

The Vain Family

"We love our new puppy Koda! She is so sweet and loves giving puppy kisses. She enjoys playing with my granddaughter when she comes to visit. She LOVES toys! She also gets along great with our older dog Zoey."


The Baker Family

"This is our second puppy from Pom Full of Love. Niko is such a bundle of joy and a great playmate to our 2 year old Pom Moki. We couldn't be happier knowing the care and loving environment he came from."

The Lancaster Family

"Chanel is amazing! She ate a snack right away from the bag and is snuggling now. We are soooo in love thank you so much. She is such a lover. You did an amazing job breeding her! You were so wonderful to work with, the entire process."

photo sep 07 2023, 4 45 50 pm (1).jpg

The Raines Family

"He is very settled in. Journey is a happy boy and has brought great joy and smiles and so many kisses, he's kinda a big deal around here. His new brothers and sisters are doing much better than I would of thought. He is such a blessing and well loved. We could not have gotten a better dog. Thank you to you & your husband."

The Gonzalez Family

"He's a happy pup and very spoiled."

photo nov 03 2023, 1 54 34 pm.jpg
photo nov 03 2023, 2 02 59 pm.jpg

The Nwabueze Family

"He did great on the ride home! Lots of traffic but he slept most of the way and no car sickness. Mochi wasn't so excited about his crate at first but found a little corner and went to sleep. He is so friendly and confident. He went right to my husband and older daughter. Thank you! We love him!!"

The Burke Family

"Mercedes is an absolute doll and truly the best fur baby in the world! She's like a boss in my office and goes to work with me most days. Everyone adores her. I love her to the moon and back! Thanks for blessing me with my pumpkin!"

photo nov 03 2023, 2 11 05 pm.jpg
photo nov 03 2023, 2 20 39 pm.jpg

The Altamura Family

"She is a little peach full of kisses, oh my god... she is stealing my heart! Sweet Dakota is doing very well. She fits right in and everybody loves her! All of my clients are so in love with her! She goes everywhere with me. She is such a sweetheart! She is such a baby doll & gentle soul!"

The Bariring Family

"Lea is super sweet, automatically comes to the kids for safety and help. Sweet girl she fit right in with our family. She seems fearless but she's very respectful. She loves cuddling and is a great walker already."

photo nov 03 2023, 2 31 56 pm.jpg
photo nov 03 2023, 2 41 07 pm.jpg

The Curry Family

"Bentley is doing great! He's been running around and playing with his toys. He thinks he's the man of the house already."

The Partap Family

"He is doing great and full of energy. Thank you for everything truly appreciate you."

photo dec 24 2022, 5 32 48 pm_edited.jpg
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