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The Szymanski's

The Szymanski's
The Szymanski's

We are a small hobby breeder of healthy, beautiful and well mannered Pomeranian puppies. When we are not at home you can usually find us doing something fun and adventurous as a family. Beyond our "Pom Squad" we have an AKC German Shepherd, 1 Rescued Bengal Cat, & 2 Rescued Tabby Cats. We love having animals as much as we love rescuing animals in need of a loving home.


We started Pom Full Of Love in the year 2018 when the Mrs. decided she wanted a clan of pomeranians for her own enjoyment and comfort.  That year became extremely rough for my family as my wife was diagnosed with Stage III Cancer and we spent that year in and out of treatments. We are hoping in the years ahead nothing but joy and happiness for our family as much as we hope our pomeranian puppies can bring joy and happiness to you and yours.

Chemo, Lexus, Nova, Sierra
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